Carbon Trading made easy

Carbon Exchanger is a link for aviation operators to access a full and professional carbon trading service that is totally transparent and offers highly competitive rates via our strategic trading partner, CF Partners (UK) LLP.

Easy to trade

Trade by phone or online. One click on the link is all it takes.

Low cost trading

All rates and costs are clearly explained. All trades, of whatever size, receive the benefit of highly competitive rates.

Professional service

Receive expert advice, and keep up with the latest news, prices and market trends via a daily Market Commentary.

Fully regulated

CF Partners will handle the execution of all trades. The company is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority.




Full Disclosure: ETS Aviation Ltd & CF Partners (UK) LLP have an introductory arrangement. ETS Aviation may introduce its clients to CF Partners as an introducer. ETS Aviation will not act for clients as a principal, agent, arranger, insurer, advisor or investment manager for any trades made between CF Partners and clients. Introductions shall be made in good faith and with the consent of the client being introduced. Trading issues, disputes, transactions, or queries are solely between CF Partners and clients.